Controversy over Hawaii’s future anti-hypersonic radar

Homeland Defense Radar Hawaii Project Opposes L3Harris’ HBTSS Constellation

The big brother of Sea Based X Band Radar

The MDA (Missile Defense Agency) is once again considering the creation of an early warning radar on the Hawaiian archipelago. This new proposal follows on from the one abandoned in 2018 which had aroused opposition from the local population. This project called “Homeland Defense Radar Hawaii” would be oriented towards the North Korean and especially Chinese threat. Its properties would be identical to the “Long Range Discrimination Radar” based in Alaska to face Russia, and which will enter operational service before the end of the year. It would have the capacity to detect and follow hypersonic missiles which maneuver at low altitude, and which today escape traditional radars.

A $ 2 billion project

The cost of this facility is estimated at $ 1.9 billion. Two sites are under study, the first in Oahu and the second on the island of Kauai, where the naval missile experimentation center is also located. Talks with the population will continue until April 12, after which a decision will be issued by the military command. Despite strong public protests, Hawaiian politicians are exerting considerable lobbying to carry out the project. Because the project provides for several dozen buildings with a height of 25 meters, as well as high intensity electromagnetic radiation harmful to wildlife, over a radius of 18 km.


This new proposal is not unanimous in the Pentagon, where another option would be considered. This would involve launching a new constellation of early warning satellites dedicated to the hypersonic threat, the L3Harris HBTSS.

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