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the guest

15 Sep 2021 at 08:43

Both spouses are always to blame for a divorce, but in general a happy and long marriage depends on the husband for 99 percent, if a smart, normal and caring man, then the wife will be one hundred percent, and if, as it often happens, they walk, drink, fool around, in one word believe that a wife should and is obliged as a house horse, like a good housewife, how our grandmothers lived, that marriages break, well, there are women who endure dishonest husbands all their lives, are stupidly afraid to be left alone, these are the eternally dissatisfied and feel and look as unhappy, therefore girls, before getting married, pay attention not only to the beauty of the guy and the love that cools down over time, the most important thing is to look at the actions of the future husband, at his decency, intelligence, kindness and care, he is not only a husband but also the future father of your child, so that the father is super, well, this is advice only for those girls who want a family, and not for those who get married to sit on her husband’s neck

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