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Dashi Ulymshvili

15 Sep 2021 at 12:26

It is necessary to talk with children, to talk. Without any wushi-musi, u-tu-tu, but as with adults (and no matter how old the child is), but not forgetting that a child is a child. Together we need to discuss the solution to this or the problem. And not in the forehead, but in a roundabout way to lead the child to the adoption of the decision that needs to be made. So that he understands that this decision is not imposed on him from the outside, even by close people, that he himself made it. It is very important!
Of course, all this takes time, and nerves, given the transitional age. For girls, this age is to some extent more difficult, due to the biological and emotional development of the body. It is necessary to understand everything.
We must remember that some problem may seem to us, adults, trivial, not worthy of attention, but for a child this problem can be basic, vital and in order to cope with it, of course, the child needs help.
Take care of yourself children, be more attentive to each other!

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