Hundreds of undelivered packages found and dumped in a valley, Alabama, USA

(CNN) By the 28th, a sheriff’s office in Blount County, Alabama, reported that 300-400 pieces of US logistics giant FedEx had been found abandoned in a local valley.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement on Facebook that the site was a valley on private land and the size of the luggage varied.

A person in charge of operations in the vicinity of the company arrived at the site and dispatched a large number of trucks and drivers arranged in the southern part of the United States to start collecting luggage.

FedEx said in a statement to CNN that safety management of packages delivered to customers is a top priority. In connection with this turmoil, he said that he is taking measures to collect and deliver the luggage as soon as possible.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office

In addition to cooperating with the investigative authorities, the company will investigate the situation and take appropriate measures.


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