Citroën Terra America Adventure started on May 26 with two adventurers with a Traction Avant 11B from 1956

Citroën Terra America Adventure started from the Citroën Conservatory in Aulnay-sous-Bois, near Paris, on May 26 with two adventurers at the wheel of a 1956 Traction Avant 11B; they will travel from Alaska to Ushuaia through the Pan-American Highway, the longest in the world; Continuing in the spirit of Citroën Cruises, this unprecedented trip through America aims to sensitize the population about the plight of the 21 indigenous peoples that are located along the 40,000 kilometer route, which will cross 14 countries in three stages from July 2021 to January 2023; As an official partner and main sponsor, Citroën supports the expedition and brings the experience of “L’Aventure Citroën”, the organization responsible for its heritage, the preparation of the car and the technical support during the adventure.

Citroën and the L’Aventure Citroën organization have teamed up for an extraordinary expedition, led by two women, who will cross the American continent from north to south in a Traction Avant. The departure took place on May 26 from the Citroën Conservatory. The “Citroën Terra America Adventure” will take you from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and will allow you to meet 21 indigenous peoples on their way along the famous Pan-American Highway, the longest in the world.

Citroën Terra America Adventure started on May 26 with two adventurers with a Traction Avant 11B from 1956


The Citroën Cruises of the 20th century constitute an essential chapter in the history of the automobile and of adventure. Conceived and carried out by André Citroën from the 1920s onwards, the expeditions are testimony to the importance of the automobile as a means of exploring the world and bringing people closer together.

The Citroën Terra America Adventure has started on May 26 from the Citroën Conservatory, an emblematic place that houses the largest international collection of Citroën vehicles. Among the 280 exhibits, the Traction Avant as well as other vehicles that participated in the famous cruises were on display on the day of departure.

“Today we are launching a challenge like those organized by André Citroën! The Citroën Terra America Adventure has all the ingredients to awaken the imagination as much as the Citroën cruisers did in their day ”, dstates Stéhane Barbat, Citroën Alliance Director.

“Our organization works to preserve, share and bring to life the fabulous history of Citroën, which has revolutionized the automotive industry since 1919. We are delighted to support this project with the help of clubs around the world.”, Señala Xavier Crespin, Director General of L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS.

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The Traction Avant is a legendary car. In addition to a unique transmission, it brought together in a single vehicle the most modern solutions of the time, such as a monocoque structure built entirely in steel, hydraulic brakes and independent suspension on all four wheels. Introduced in 1934, the robustness and mechanical simplicity of the Traction Avant made it an extraordinary rally car and it remains so even today, more than 80 years after its launch. In addition, its appeal has grown over the years, both in France and in the rest of the world.

“The aesthetic charm of the Traction Avant will be a real asset for the positive encounters in which it will participate”, says Fanny Adam, head of the Citroën Terra America Adventure expedition.


This unprecedented journey of 40,000 kilometers through 14 countries shows the DNA of the Citroën brand: it will be a car expedition with a humanitarian character. At the wheel of the legendary Traction Avant, an icon of the French automotive industry, the two explorers will meet indigenous peoples of America who defend a more ethical, responsible and caring vision of the world.

“We are delighted to have Citroën, the L’Aventure Citroën organization, the Citroën dealership in Vannes and Amicale Citroën Internationale, which brings together Citroën clubs from outside France, in our project. I want to thank them for their trust and their invaluable help ”, says Fanny Adam, head of the Citroën Terra America Adventure expedition.

In addition to these encounters and their testimonies, which will be widely disseminated, the two women will travel along a legendary highway: the Pan-American highway, where they will find extraordinary sociological, geographical and climatic contrasts. They will tour the sumptuous natural landscapes of America, including the historical settlements of the Mayan and Inca civilizations, as well as impressive megacities and peaceful roads. The expedition will present a true parallel between modern civilization and indigenous culture.

“Leveraging boldness to serve people around the world is a key value found in the brand’s DNA. We are delighted to join forces with L’Aventure Citroën and support Fanny Adam in her project to cross the American continent to meet indigenous peoples aboard the Traction Avant, as the main sponsor of the expedition ”, says Stéphane Barbat, Citroën Alliance Director .


Fanny Adam, who started the project and is responsible for the expedition, is a young, curious and determined entrepreneur. Aware of the plight of the indigenous population, and eager to meet new people while enjoying unusual trips, this doctor of science embarks on a unique journey that she has decided to undertake in a Traction Avant. She discovered this model and fell in love with it thanks to Gérard d’Aboville, who crossed the Atlantic alone in 1980 and the Pacific in 1991, and who has competed in several rallies, including three Paris-Dakar rallies, one of them on a motorcycle. Gérard has been driving a Traction Avant since he was 18 years old. Fanny, her friend, had the opportunity to discover the car and borrowed it to compete in a regularity rally and travel the roads of Europe. Gérard contributed greatly to the technical preparation of the vehicle for this extraordinary adventure.

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At the beginning of this expedition, Fanny will have Gaëlle Paillart as co-pilot, who will be responsible for capturing images. Gaëlle is an athlete who is passionate about traveling and has solid scientific knowledge. Sports travel has become a way of life for her. She will be the first co-pilot to board the Citroën Terra America expedition, for the journey between Prudhoe Bay and Los Angeles.

Later, Maéva Bardy will take over, to also take responsibility for the photographs on her way to Ushuaia. Maéva has traveled the world for years as a photojournalist and documentarian. He likes nature and the environment, and regularly participates in scientific expeditions as a correspondent on board.


In early June, the Traction Avant on a ship set course for Alaska. Fanny Adam and her partner will join the car in early July at the starting point in Prudhoe Bay, 70ºN. The first stage will be in North America, from July to September 2021. The following stages, in Central and South America, will be organized in the same spirit, without being a race or having an arrival date. Latin America will cross between January and May 2022 and South America between October 2022 and January 2023.

Citroën will broadcast the main stages of the Citroën Terra America Adventure. The images shared by the participants will allow us to follow the journey, learn about its mechanical setbacks, surprises, unusual encounters and visits to the main places, both natural and urban. In each of the countries they pass through, the expedition will be in contact with classic car clubs such as L’Amicale Citroën Internationale, which will provide logistical support when required and provide a privileged local contact for any situation that may arise. The team will also be accompanied by other Traction Avant and classic vehicles… We look forward to great encounters!

The route can also be followed in real time thanks to the on-board navigation system. As in the Vendée Globe regatta, fans will be able to follow the progress of the car live on a map via satellite signal and enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience of the expedition through the images, videos and stories that will be sent periodically along the route and which will be published in:

Traction Avant technical information for the “Citroën Terra America Adventure”

The L’Aventure Citroën team has chosen the Citroën 11B Grand Raid Traction Avant for the qualities of its preparation for raids. Produced at the Javel factory in April 1956, the model was acquired by Robert Muller in 2005. As a supplier of spare parts for rally cars, Robert Muller adapted the car to participate in large expeditions over 15 years with organizations such as Tractions sans Frontières, Globe Drivers, Traction Euro-Travel and La Traction Universelle. From 2006 to 2017 the car toured the world visiting Australia, Morocco, Russia, Italy, Northern Europe, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, the Andes, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, Portugal and Sicily. The car was modified year after year thanks to the experience acquired by all the participants in these events. The end result is considered a great achievement in this field. Since these trips, the car has been completely overhauled and its engine rebuilt (5,000 km on purchase).

Grand Raid Modifications: Bodywork: with reinforcements / Engine and gearbox: DX2, 5 bearings, 5 speeds / Large capacity radiator and double ventilation / Electricity: 12V, alternator, electronic ignition / Electric fuel pump and 70 liter stainless steel tank / Reinforcement front axle / Power steering / Front disc brakes with electric assistance and silicone fluid with stainless steel circuit / Torsional axle suspension as standard, reinforced shock absorbers / BX velor seats with head restraints / Miscellaneous: seat belts, enhanced lighting, laminated windshield, superior thermal insulation and soundproofing, warnings / Windshield and headlight protectors / Trunks bolted to the body / Auxiliary heating.

Thus prepared, and equipped with the spare parts kit supplied by the Aventure Citroën team, the Traction Avant is ready to face the Panamericana.

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Thus, Citroën Terra America Adventure started from the Citroën Conservatory on May 26 with two adventurers at the wheel of a 1956 Traction Avant 11B


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