Bread slippers to fish flops: extravagant slippers are the trend

Et sounds like a plot of a nightmare. You rush to an important appointment and only notice when you arrive that you are still wearing your slippers. What used to make your forehead sweat is normal today. Gone are the days when slippers were reserved for the hours you spent around the house before and after work. Because important appointments have mostly taken place online for many months, so the slippers can safely stay on the foot.

With the ongoing pandemic, clothing habits are becoming more and more casual. Not only the cozy trousers have found their way to the public, but also the slipper.

Can the cozy Schlunz look go on forever?

The cozy shoe becomes a statement – and no longer just for the home. While the entire shoe market slumped by 20 percent last year, it rose according to one Announcement from the market research company npd-Group Sales of slippers between March and October 2020 increased by 70 percent compared to 2019. With these figures, it is not surprising that it is no longer just the classic lambskin slippers that are in demand, but rather hybrid shoes that combine comfort at home with an extravagant look for the street.

Whether it is the loneliness in the home office that leads you to deviations in taste, or the compensation for the sadness of everyday corona, this can be argued with these five shoe trends:

1. Samt-Slipper

Velvet slippers with a monogram of Britain's former Prime Minister Winston Churchill: they were auctioned for 17,400 euros

Velvet slippers with a monogram of Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill: they were auctioned for 17,400 euros

Source: pa / dpa / AP / Matt Dunham

In the Victorian era, velvet slippers were already a gentleman’s garment. In the late 19th century, slippers were still reserved for the fashionable nobility in combination with tuxedo jackets. Later, however, they were also worn by noble men – either at home by their own fireplace or in super chic men’s clubs on the US east coast.

Slipper with statement: Actress Lea DeLaria

Slipper with statement: Actress Lea DeLaria

Quelle: FilmMagic,/Walter McBride

Since the middle of the 20th century they have been a firm fixture in stylish men’s fashion – thanks to Hollywood actors like Clark Gable or, more recently, Ryan Gosling or singer Kanye West. Nowadays, velvet slippers are equally popular shoes for men and women, whether at home or on the red carpet.


Source: Amazon / Eloroman

Velvet slippers by Elanroman, from 46 euros (buy here)*

2. Fellsandalen

The fur sandal has come a much-cited path since its appearance at Celine

The fur sandal has come a much-cited path since its appearance at Celine

Quelle: Getty Images/Chris Moore/Catwalking

The “fuzzy slide” trend has been on everyone’s lips since 2016 at the latest, when Rihanna brought out a “Fenty x Puma” sandal with a faux fur strap. This year it is mainly the colorful fur sandals from shoe company Ugg that take getting used to, and which have already been spotted on several celebrities, including Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid. It all started so harmlessly when, in 2013, the then creative director Phoebe Philo designed the first Birkenstock-like slippers with fur inlays for Céline.

For every gender, for every situation: slippers find their way onto the street

For every gender, for every situation: slippers find their way onto the street

Those: Getty Images / Ernesto S. Ruscio

The traditional German company Birkenstock has slightly modified its classic model “Arizona” with sheepskin insoles – and named it “Furkenstock”.

A little fun fact about the fluffy shoe trend: In the original French version of Cinderella, written by Charles Perrault in 1697, her glass shoes were still made of fur.


What: Ugg

“Sulfur Slipper” by Ugg, from 110 euros (buy here)*


Source: Birkenstock

“Arizona Shearling” by Birkenstock, around 120 euros (buy here)

3. Fish shoes

Fish of the day: rubber slippers

Fish of the day: rubber slippers

Source: Amazon / Coddies

In addition to tie-dye fashion, roller skates and hula hoops, fish-shaped flip-flops became one of the unexpected shopping trends of the pandemic. They especially inspire those who have previously used Adiletten or other pool slippers as slippers. These rubber shoes are the culmination of the “Plastic Fantastic” vibe.

What looks like a joke is actually as cozy as its namesake, the flip-flop. And if a visit to the swimming pool should be possible again, these slippers can also be used as flip-flops thanks to the waterproof material. The best-known brand she sells is called Coddies, which has several types of fish on offer – including the classic orange goldfish and silver metallic mackerel.

“Fish Flops” by Coddies, around 21 euros (buy here)*

No comparison in terms of price

Flip-flops are now called slides - and they are socially acceptable

4. Slipper slipper

Popular shoe from North Africa

Popular shoe from North Africa

Source: Alexander Schimmeck

These elegant, pointed mules with thin soles and slim shapes have been found in bazaars in Marrakech for centuries. Sometimes they are colorfully decorated, but usually made of black or dark brown leather.

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The leather variants were also the model for the omnipresent Gucci loafers – a mule with horse teeth. For several seasons, they have been an integral part of every blogger’s wardrobe. In contrast to the other shoe trends, the slippers are currently rather subtle. Givenchy only provided the classic with a large logo lettering, The Row reinterpreted it in cozy cashmere in the look of the “grandfather slipper”.


Those: Mytheresa

“Bedford Leather Slippers” by Givenchy, around 450 euros (buy here)*


Those: Mytheresa

“Granpa Slipper” made of cashmere from The Row, around 590 euros (buy here)*

5. Bread shoes


What: Tommy Cash

Foot humor combined with luxurious branding: rapper Tommy Cash calls his doughy footwear, which was created in collaboration with the Maison Margiela label, “Home Loafers”. This not only sounds much more opulent than slippers, but is also a play on words, because “Loaf” also means loaf – in this case that of bread.

The embroidered logo is found on the crust, the upper material of the shoe, so to speak, and the inside of the shoe also looks like the inside of a piece of bread. To complete the look, these new it shoes are packed in a clear plastic bag – just like real bread from the supermarket. For a price of 95 euros, these are probably the cheapest shoes Maison Margiela will ever have on offer. However, it doesn’t make it more roadworthy.

What: Tommy Cash

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