Boeing sells 185 737 MAXs in March

During the past month of March Boeing has managed to sell 196 aircraft; all of the 737 family; and all except 11, MAX.

We can say that the B-737 MAX is back. Weigh the problems that continue to be detected (Of course it is the MAX and what in other planes goes unnoticed in this one). Of the 282 gross orders obtained by Boeing In the first three months of 2021, 224 have been B-737 MAX.

Thus, the orders signed in March, 196, have been 11 P-8A: 2 for Australian Air Force and 9 for Marina de EE.UU.; Y 185 B-737 MAX: 1 BBJ MAX; 3 for a unidentified customer; 24 for the leasing company 777 Partners (in order to Flair Airlines); 25 for United Airlines; 32 for Alaska Airlines; and 100 for Southwest Airlines.

Nevertheless, Alaska Airlines canceled 9 previous orders, as United with 25. The new orders from both replace these in order to advance the delivery dates of the planes.

As for deliveries you mean, these they have added 29 aircraft, for a total of 77 in the first trimester. They have been: A B-747-8F a UPS; 2 B-767-200F a Fedex: 2 B-777-300ER a KLM; 2 B-787-9 a United Airlines; 3 P-8A, two at Marina de EE.UU. and one to that of India; Y 19 B-737 MAX: 2 a Air Lease; 2 a Copa Airlines; 2 a ICBC Leasing; 1 a SMBC Aviation Capital; 7 a Southwest; 3 a TUI Travel; 1 a Alaska Airlines; and 1 a American Airlines.

Emphasize that the two B-787 deliveries have been the first since October 2020.

On the downside, Boeing added 122 cancellations.

Among these are 50 B-737 MAX from Turkish Airlines (although the airline keeps the 40 purchase options that it had signed); 26 from CALC; 6 more from GECAS; 16 from CBD Aviation; 1 from BOC Aviation; 3 from Air Lease Corporation, to which must be added the aforementioned Alaska Airlines and United Airlines; and 19 unidentified customer orders and one BBJ MAX.

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Plus others 14 orders for B-737 MAX have been “withdrawn” due to doubts about the viability of the contracts shopping. But at the same time has returned to its order book 15 B-777X and one B-787.


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