Boeing delivered just 17 planes, but gets new orders in May

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The North American Aerospace Giant Boeing, released its May results in which it made only 17 deliveries of new aircraft, which contrast with the 50 delivered by its rival Airbus; but he got new orders that are adding to his backlog again. However, despite its new sales, it is still affected by not being able to deliver aircraft due to the problems that have been found with the 737 MAX and 787 that have the FAA supervising everything again.

Of the 17 aircraft that Boeing delivered to 11 customers during May, there are 3 737 MAX 8s for Southwest Airlines, three MAXs for the leasing company BOC Aviation, two MAXs for Fiji Airways, one MAX for the leasing company 777 Partners and one MAX 9 for Aeroméxico. Of the remaining models, two 767-300 freighters and one 777F were delivered to FedEx. The United States Navy received a 737-800A configured as the P-8A Poseidon. Uzbekistan Airlines received a 787-8 and Atlantis Aviation Corporation a 787-9. Finally, UPS received a 747-8 freighter.

As for the new orders, the balance was positive, although not as much as it seems, they only grew by 20 new net orders after the cancellations. But it is the fifth consecutive month that they have managed to grow and that is also remarkable. During May Boeing received 73 new orders, but had 53 cancellations. The balance for the year is up to now a growth of 177 purchase orders.

The largest sale is the additional 34 737 MAX 7s ordered by Southwest Airlines, while Alaska Airlines took options for another 13 737 MAX 9. For its part, the lessor SMBC Aviation Capital also ordered 14 new 737 MAX 8. The other 12 aircraft They include seven 777Fs of which one is for Lufthansa Cargo, and five 787-9s ordered by Lufthansa.

Among the cancellations, 34 Aeroméxico 737 MAXs stand out due to the renegotiation it carried out with Boeing for its reorganization protected by Chapter 11. The original order was for 60 aircraft and 30 options. Norwegian Air also canceled 14 737 MAXs as they are also in a heavy shakeup for their survival.

Despite all the problems that the 737 MAX and 787 ‘Dreamliner’ have had, production is recovering and Boeing expects new orders in the following months, in addition to being able to deliver the large inventory that they have stored in their yards. And with May’s new orders, Boeing’s full orders grew to 4,121 planes.

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