Birmingham City U23 vs Coventry City U23 forecast 18 January 2021 16:00

As part of the next round of the new season “England. PDL-2 (under 23)” there will be a confrontation between the teams of Birmingham (23) and Coventry (23). The arena for the match is St Andrews (Birmingham).

The game with a draw, between these teams, took place 4 months ago. There is an opportunity to try again to identify the strongest.
The statistics of head-to-head meetings between Birmingham (23) and Coventry (23) have not been very saturated lately. Only one game played. On the basis of which it is difficult to find patterns in the succession of one of the teams.

Birmingham (23): Birmingham (23) is sixth out of 9. The team is not in its best shape.
The team does not strike a balance between defense and attack, so they miss a lot. A little about the games played earlier:
The last time 30 days ago, the team had a home game with Sheffield United (23). The minimum score difference was recorded, but the club lost
Earlier in the match, Birmingham City (23) played against Wigan Athletic (23) at home. The match turned out to be not boring, as I hit TB 3.5, and each of the clubs was able to score. However, for this team, it is worth forgetting this meeting and moving on.

Coventry (23): Coventry (23) is in eighth place in the standings out of 9. The team is not in their best shape.
The team has problems with implementation in recent meetings, while mistakes in defense have not gone away. Let’s look at the game indicators of the last meetings:
Last time Coventry City (23) played at home against Barnsley (23). In this confrontation, the teams were unable to identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored
The team had a home match with Sheffield United (23) last month. The match pleased with the goals scored. The teams played without looking at their own goal, which resulted in 5 goals scored and a defeat for Coventry City (23)

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Bookmakers give a slight preference to Birmingham (23), odds to win are 2.15 – 1X bet

Kush Predictions in Sports Birmingham U23 – Coventry U23

Team Birmingham (23) had a horrible stretch of 5 matches, winning 1 of them. You can bet that they will lose again for 3.20 – 1X bet

In the last 5 matches, Coventry (23) have scored more than 1.5 goals on average. Deliver ITB2 (1.50) 2.43 – 1X bet

In 5 games, the Birmingham (23) team showed the total of goals scored and conceded equal to 16. The games of the Birmingham (23) team pleases us with good attack and implementation of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 1.73 – 1X bet


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