Birmingham City, Carla Ward resigns

Carla Ward will no longer be the Birmingham City manager. The manager has resigned, along with her staff, which will take effect at the end of the FA Cup match against Southampton.

Ward’s adventure on the Birmingham bench lasted less than a season, having taken over at the start of the season.

“It has been a journey that I am immensely proud of.

“I have been so lucky to work with a group of female players who have delivered every single day, taught me so much and are a credit to the club and the WSL.”

Despite the salvation obtained on the last day, the difficulties in facing this season were too many and the decision to leave the club was easy.

Birmingham City had ended up in the eye of the storm due to the huge disparity between the men’s and women’s sectors.

Roebuck on the pitch of Birmigham City

The conditions of the pitch and facilities had also been noticed by athletes such as the ManCity goalkeeper Roebuck, that he declared:

«Looking from the outside, it’s not good enough. In women’s football, we are now at a level where this is by no means acceptable.

I am really lucky to be in a club where everything is of a high standard and equality in the whole building is at the top ».

The same club had been forced to ask for the postponement of matches several times due to problems related to the stability of the pitch.

Unacceptable conditions in a professional league, so much so that the Birmingham players had been forced to send a formal letter to the board of directors in which they complained about problems related to working conditions.

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Among the many problems, the fact of where to travel on the same day of the game without being able to stay overnight in the hotel the night before, which is reserved for men.

As well as the problems related to access to changing rooms and gyms, but also the contracts of some members of the technical staff, the latter element that puts Birmingham in a position of defect towards the rules of the WSL license.

Structures and more: the problems of Birmingham City

In this regard, the company replied to The Telegraph:

It is no secret that we have one of the lowest budgets in the league. Covid has only compounded this.

This certainly makes it difficult to compete, but we are doing our best on and off the pitch in what is a very difficult time for professional football. “

Carla Ward had to swallow bitter mouthfuls, including the forced retirement during the match against Tottenham due to lack of available players due to an injury, and the subtraction of a point for having fielded an unsuitable player in the match on 25 December against Italy. Reading.

It should be remembered that Birmingham City’s 2020/21 squad had few senior players, some on loan and others from the youth academies.

“When I crossed the threshold last August, with the opportunity to head to the WSL for the first time, I couldn’t have predicted what next year would be like”

Ward told the company’s website.

Foto: Ryan Browne/BPI/REX.

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