Birkenstocks: Which model it can be in summer 2021

15.06.2021 – 14:14

The trend shoe on offer
Birkenstocks: Which model suits you best?

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Birkenstocks have reached the fashion Olympus. The shoes with the maximum comfort for feet are available in numerous variations.

Once frowned upon, Birkenstock sandals now adorn summery women’s feet. But which model suits whom? In addition: They are currently on offer here.

Jesus’ slippers, tourist sandals or eco-friendly kicks: Birkenstocks have long been considered a fashion sin and were only worn as slippers or in medical practices. Birkenstock opponents have had to admit defeat for some years now, because the sandal has become a respected fashion trend.

If you haven’t got a taste for it yet, you’re missing out on something: the sandal is really comfortable. A summer without Birkenstocks? Impossible!

Birkenstocks: a sandal with a history

The journey of the Birkenstocks begins in 1774 with a church entry by Johann Adam Birkenstocks in Hesse. With the reference book bestseller “Fußorthopädie – System Carl Birkenstock”, the founder conveys his conception of “natural walking” and healthy footwear. In 1963 the company sets the standard for a flexible deep footbed sandal and brings the “Madrid” model onto the market. The company grows and grows – until today.

Birkenstocks on offer: HERE you can get the models at a reasonable price!

Do you want to break new ground with Birkenstock? Especially in summer there are always Birkenstocks at special prices. Birkenstocks are currently on offer at major online shops such as OTTO, Amazon, About You and And the best thing about it: Almost every variant of the sandal has made it to the bargain market.

Birkenstock Arizona: The classic sandal

The Arizona model is probably the most interesting for Birkenstock beginners. Hardly any sandal can be styled as diverse as the Arizona shoe. Whether with a summer dress, jeans, trousers or even in combination with a denim jacket – the Birkenstock shoe can do everything: rocky, casual, exotic, suitable for the office and much more. The Birkenstocks are the epitome of diversity!

The two-belts inspire with a minimalist design, in different colors and designs. But the highlight: the comfort. The footbed adapts to every foot shape and thus ensures a stable stand in the sandals.

Birkenstock Madrid: The first model remains popular

The single-strap pantolete Madrid enjoys cult status on women’s feet. It lets a lot of air into your feet and goes perfectly with light clothes and trousers made of viscose and linen. In contrast to other sandals, the Madrid model is quite inconspicuous. Its slim, puristic design gives the summer shoe a touch of elegant femininity.

Birkenstock Gizeh: Stylishly through the summer

The Birkenstock model Gizeh should not be missing from the list of the best sandals. The sandal has remained unchanged since 1983 and offers optimal support thanks to a fashionable thong. Here, too, Birkenstock has not skimped on design diversity: whether simple models in black, brown, blue or exciting patterns – the Gizeh adapts to your style.

With the Birkenstocks you can rock almost any look: Despite – or perhaps because of – their special shape, the Birkenstocks short shorts are stylishly worn with a casual top, midi dress, jeans or long robes. With the Gizeh toe separators, Birkenstock has created an iconic design.

How do Birkenstocks have to sit?

Birkenstock particularly advertises the optimal hold and comfort of the sandals. In order to guarantee this, however, you should know what to look for when looking for the perfect Birkenstock sandal. No matter how good the shoe looks: If it doesn’t fit well, you will be annoyed about buying it!

  1. Open the straps of the Birkenstocks.
  2. Place your bare foot on the footbed.
  3. The foot should not touch the edge of the sandal anywhere or it will be too tight. However, there must not be too much space, otherwise you will slip in the shoe. A distance of five to ten millimeters to the edge is recommended.
  4. Then tie the straps and determine the optimal strength.

Note: Birkenstocks are available in two different sizes: normal and narrow.

Birkenstocks: fashion awareness with trendy sandals

Who would have ever thought that a sandal would get as much attention as the Birkenstocks? There is one thing in which the shoe of the fashion brand really can’t be beaten: no other sandal manufacturer has brought so much variety of colors, shapes and designs onto the market. And every shoe speaks for itself.

With all the patterns and models, it’s only a matter of time before everyone has found their favorite Birkenstock. A shoe for the summer that won’t bend too quickly. Birkenstocks remain in the 2021 sandal trend!

Time for more fashion?

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