Birkenstock BIRKENSTOCK Sandals Arizona ARIZONA Stair Indigo (Soft Footbed) 1008925 Men[FMOI] [10050146]

【Description of item】
One of the representative models of the Birkenstock brand developed in 1973.
Two thick belts hold your foot firmly and provide a comfortable fit.
This work is a pair of soft footbed specifications with a softer footbed (insole) than usual, and the upper uses nubuck leather with a tasteful texture.
The buckle of the belt is antique processed.
 * Color unevenness and small scratches may be seen on the upper, but this is due to the original texture and processing of natural materials. In addition, the detailed design (footbed logo design, color, etc.) may vary depending on the time of manufacture. Please note both in advance.



Steer indigo

Upper: Nubuck leather (natural leather)
Outsole: EVA (synthetic resin)

Regular (wide type)

[A feeling of size]
Staff T (I usually wear 26.5 cm with sneakers)

It’s big enough to fit even 39 (25 cm), but I choose 40 (26 cm) that I can wear with a reasonable margin.

(* There are individual differences in the last shape and size, so please consider it as a reference.)

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