Birkenstock Arizona or Teva? This is how fashionable sandals are worn with the most elegant dresses and skirts of the summer

In the stores there are countless flip flops. Of all of them, probably half can boast of being eternal. But friends, let’s clarify the term ‘eternal’: What do we mean by eternal sandals? Because many times it is difficult to think that there is a shoe that we can wear for years and years, but the truth is that there is no summer in which Arizona from Birkenstock waves Teva do not appear in the wardrobes of the girls who know the most about fashion. Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins… These are just a few of the muses to whom we owe the great looks that we mark ourselves with the most comfortable, classic and functional sandals of the summer repertoire.

What’s more, if something represents these sandals above all trends is that practicality and comfort they are above anything. Because the truth is that both the wide straps with buckles of the Arizona and the wide and crossed straps of the Teva add a better support for the foot that allows us to wear them for many, many hours. And if this makes them the best investment you will ever make, wait until you see how well they look with the trendiest skirts and dresses of summer 2021:


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