Bettor won £ 1m on Eder’s goal in the Euro 2016 final. All England was looking for him for 2 days

Daman Cheek thought he had gone over the champagne when he heard about the six-figure win.

“Damn, well, when this plane is already served there.”

Daman Cheek glanced nervously at the scoreboard and endlessly checked the gate number on the boarding pass. Nearby sat his wife serenely, who every now and then gently asked Daman not to worry and calm down. Out of the corner of his eye, the man looked at the rushing children – two tomboys were also waiting when they finally got to the sea. Parents have long promised them adventure – here is the first visit to the airport, and the first flight by plane, and a serene chill on the shores of the Ionian Sea.

To somehow distract himself from waiting for boarding, Chick reached into his bag for the tablet. He was always interested in bets, and in mid-June 2016, the European Football Championship was in full swing. Daman was sitting at the Birmingham airport and was already opening the website of the bookmaker BetVictor.

Betting on Euro 2016 helped him switch from the failures of his native Aston Villa. The mood after the English season was not to hell. Villa have changed four coaches in a year, have won only three wins in 38 rounds, have not moved out of the relegation zone since the seventh week of the Premier League and have left the top division for the first time since the founding of the Premier League.

Aston Villa eliminated from the Premier League, 2016

Chick scrolled lazily through the site in search of something exciting until he came across an ad for the Million Pound Goal – the bookmakers were offering a million pounds to whoever guesses the decisive goal and the minute the ball hits the net in the Euro final. Bettor was carried away by this, and he immersed himself with interest in studying the list. Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud, Cristiano Ronaldo – all this is trite, there are practically no chances in front of a bunch of competitors.

Daman was leafing through the list of players and suddenly came across the name Eder. The memory immediately transferred the man to Villa Park – the lanky Portuguese was then playing for Swansea and came out as a substitute to stall the time. The forward trampled in the technical zone in the 90th minute with the score 2: 1 in favor of the Welsh club, and the entire stadium showered curses on Andre Ayyu, who applauded the enemy arena for a short time and was openly waiting for the final whistle.

Chick remembered well this dark-skinned hairy, so he took a chance and clicked on his name on the tablet. There were no other rational reasons for the bet – Eder came on as a substitute in the two opening matches of Portugal in the tournament, did not show anything special and sat back on the pot. It was hard to imagine that the head coach would defrost the striker in the final of the European Championship.

Portugal forward Eder at the 2016 UEFA European Championship
Portugal forward Eder at the 2016 UEFA European Championship

And then Daman felt that someone was shaking his shoulder and emerged from the memories and thoughts. A wife and children stood over the player: “Hey, what are you thinking about? Let’s go, they announced the landing. ” Chick looked around, saw the accumulating queue for the Birmingham – Zakynthos flight and asked the family for a couple of minutes.

He reactivated the tablet screen and saw that the bookmaker’s website was asking him for the minute of Eder’s goal. Bettor figured that the striker was unlikely to be at the start, quickly checked his statistics and saw that the Portuguese came on as a substitute in the freight train with Estonia and scored in the 80th minute. “So, the 80th is too early, probably, then he will only be released on the field,” Damn reflected. “Let it be eighty … fourth.”

Then the system asked him the size of the bet, but Chick did not dare to exceed the minimum five pounds. Because – oh well, this is Eder, well, what is the goal in the Euro final? The Briton quickly confirmed the orderly, made sure that the coupon was issued and in a hurry packed his things – the queue for the plane to Greece was rapidly decreasing. It was not for nothing that Chick took tickets at 140 pounds apiece for the whole family.

For the next couple of weeks, Daman and his family warmed bones in a good hotel in a resort in the Ionian Sea. He was so tired of working as a kitchen adjuster that he did not even watch the broadcasts of the 2016 European Championship in Greece – England flew out in disgrace for a long time, and the bettor had no favorites among the other national teams.

Chick got that fleeting bet at the airport out of his head, so he didn’t even turn on the TV during the finals of Portugal and France. So the Englishman didn’t even hear about Eder’s golden goal – he just saw the score in the app and shrugged his shoulders with the thought: “I didn’t miss anything, another dreary match.” For a couple of days he basked in the Mediterranean sun and did not know that the whole world was looking for him.

BC BetVictor summed up the results of the Million Pound Goal competition and determined that Chick was closest to the correct answer – Eder drove the ball into the net in the 109th minute, 25 minutes later than the bettor predicted. But the rest of the members were even further from the correct answer, so the million pounds were given to Damen. “Our winner is a 32-year-old Birmingham resident and an Aston Villa fan. Please retweet with the hashtag #Millionaire Lost. “ asked at the office’s press service on June 12, two days after the Euro final.

And the champion had no idea about anything – he gently chill by the sea water, walked with the children, drove them on excursions around Greece. And only on the 13th, some friend of his wife dropped Mrs. Chick an article from the local newspaper Birmingham Mail. “Look, they are looking for some guy who is similar in age and other characteristics to you,” the girl poked the screen of the article under Damen’s nose. The couple was lying on the sun loungers by the pool at the hotel and had already allowed themselves a glass of champagne.

The unsuspecting winner scrolled through the picture and opened his mouth to reply when his phone rang on the next table. “Hello, this is the BetVictor betting company. I have good news for you, ”they sang at the other end of the line.

“I immediately sobered up. Although I decided that I had gone too far with champagne, ”Chick admitted. In the comments, he was offered to take a season ticket to Aston Villa (enough for 2,500 years), but the fan just shook his head: he did not have a yearly pass, but championship matches are too difficult a spectacle, even with the participation of his favorite club.

When asked where he will spend the winnings, Daman replied nobly: first he would say thank you to mom and dad. “My parents worked hard and supported me, so I want to thank them for that with a big sum. My wife and I have brothers and sisters – we will help them too, ”Chick said. He didn’t even think about a cool win party, but confirmed that he would buy a couple of bottles of champagne and celebrate the victory with friends.

Damen Chick with a check for £ 1 million
Damen Chick with a check for £ 1 million

He was handed a check upon arrival from Greece, and then BetVictor invited him to the award ceremony of a major darts tournament World MatchPlay – the bettor handed the cup to Dutchman Michael van Gerwen and felt like a part of big sport. “My wife knows that I love to make a couple of bets. Previously, she didn’t really like it, but I think that now she is happy, ”Damn laughed in an interview. Indeed, Mrs. Chick married a man who won a million pounds just in line for a plane to a Greek resort.

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