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Teacher’s Day 2021 is celebrated in Ukraine on October 3. The best congratulations in pictures, poetry, prose, history and tradition of the holiday in the material

History and traditions of celebrating Teacher’s Day in Ukraine

The idea of ​​celebrating Teachers’ Day to honor educators emerged in many countries in the 19th century, mostly focusing on outstanding local educators or outstanding historical events in the industry. For example, Teachers’ Day in Argentina (September 11) was founded in memory of the outstanding educator-activist, President of the country Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, and in India (September 5) – in honor of the philosopher, public figure and also the President of the country Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

In Ukraine, Teachers’ Day has been celebrated since Soviet times. This holiday was fixed by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On holidays and memorable dates” in 1980. Traditionally, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in October.

Teachers’ Day in 2021 will be celebrated on October 3. One of the types of congratulations to teachers in Ukraine is the “day of self-government” – when schoolchildren independently conduct their lessons, and teachers have a rest and only observe. Also on this day, all kinds of competitions and concerts are held in schools. The teachers receive flowers and symbolic gifts from children.


Congratulations on Teacher’s Day in verse

Wishes to the teacher from parents

Hard work – teaching children
And give yourself in full
To open the path of knowledge for them,
Find all the words you want.

And on Teacher’s Day from us
Please accept gratitude,
She is honest, not for show
So let it bring joy.

Your patient, necessary work
Worthy of admiration
May all the flowers bloom for you
By adding inspiration.


Thank you we want to say
For your kindness and knowledge.
Children are not easy to teach
Teachers’ work is very important.

We wish you on Teacher’s Day
Great inspiration,
We sincerely congratulate you,
Have a good mood!


A teacher is not a profession
And the gift that is given from above!
Go and cope with the guys:
They’re a hurricane!

Already a lesson – but in the classroom,
Cribs, deuces here and there.
Teach everyone, tell everyone
And watch and follow.

Happy Teacher’s Day, you! Flowers
And the warmest, most generous words.
Obedient children, grateful
And triumphant achievements.

May every moment and every hour
Fate spoils you generously.
Brings warmth and laughter to life
Fun, happiness and success.


Thank you for your understanding,
For kindness, patience and work.
For the knowledge generously given to us,
For many minutes worked.

After all, it is so difficult to overestimate your work,
Not everyone can be a teacher.
And without talent it is simply impossible
Devote yourself entirely to students.

Good luck, strong and kind nerves,
We wish you more health.
What do you teach so that it is not in vain,
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day today!

Congratulations from the students

Our dear teacher,
Keeper of goodness and wisdom,
Today is your legal holiday,
And we hasten to congratulate you modestly.

We wish you strong patience
And from the work of inspiration,
Disciples are always diligent,
And so that all hopes come true!


To teachers – bow to earth
And endless homage
For the strength given to us
For your help in learning.

Good luck and health to you,
New discoveries, inspiration.
Let your pocket not empty
And patience does not end.


Thank you for your efforts,
We have become smarter with you.
Congratulations on World Day,
We praise all the teachers.

We wish you strength, inspiration,
Always carry the light of knowledge,
Together we spend
School has the best years.

May health be strong
And the nerves do not give up,
Children may give you joy,
Only positive is carried.


With a low bow to you we hasten,
Congratulate you from heart and soul,
Thank you for your work and knowledge,
Thank you for your kindness and understanding!
We wish you good health, success and good luck,
To make it easy to solve not only school problems!

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day to colleagues

Today is Teacher’s Day
We want to congratulate you,
We wish you with a smile
Always enter your class
May joy and happiness
All days will be filled
We wish you good luck
Health and love!


Teacher’s Day! May the joy
Will not leave for a moment
Let the smile inspire
As a diligent student.

In a moment of dreams of the most daring
A series will incarnate
And streams of magic days
Let them merge into years!


Let this holiday give
Fulfillment of hopes
And all kinds of dreams
A new frontier for mastery!

Let patience not leave
And the blues do not torment,
And fate will give success,
Happy Teacher’s Day, hurray!

SMS congratulations on Teacher’s Day

On Teacher’s Day I want to wish you
Never lose heart in life.
Peace, creativity, compliments,
Respect, quivering moments,
Creative success, personal life,
In general, so that everything is excellent.


Thanks to all the teachers.
Patience and health to you!
There are no wiser people in the world.
I wish you many bright days
So that everyone brings happiness
And so as not to diminish the strength.
May work bring you joy,
And the children are waiting for a meeting with you.


Teacher’s day today
Marks the globe of the earth.
I wish you good health,
Strength and vigor – with interest!

Jokes, humor and laughter,
Dream fulfillment.
Real success
Happiness, joy, love!

Best Postcards and Postcards Happy Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day wishes

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

Happy Teachers Day

Congratulations on Teacher’s Day in prose

Congratulations from the students

Teacher’s Day is a holiday of worthy, strong, wise and courageous people. A teacher is not just a difficult and important profession, it is a real mission. After all, it is the teachers who make our country modern, strong and developed, and Ukrainians – worthy, smart, trained, humane. Thank you for your honest, frantic work, for this incredible contribution, for everything you do day after day. Teacher’s Day!


Happy Teacher’s Day. May all the stars in the sky fulfill your wishes, may all students at school do all their homework, may all days in your life be good and happy. I wish you health, teacher, excellent mood and sincere smiles!


Teacher’s Day! I wish you new achievements, significant achievements and great success! May all your efforts and efforts make our wonderful world even more beautiful! I wish you good health, great patience, joy and inner harmony, respect and sincere gratitude from students and parents!

Parents’ wishes

A teacher is a difficult profession that requires extraordinary strength, courage and dignity. But you, our dear teacher, consider this profession to be your life’s work, and you are an example for everyone else. We congratulate our best teacher on their professional holiday, and from the bottom of our hearts we wish you strength, grateful students and inspiration to do such a wonderful and worthy job!


Teacher’s Day! I wish you to be an important person at school, a happy person in life! I wish you with each lesson to give students solid knowledge, cheerful dreams, I wish you to give your heart joy, sincere love with every minute of my life!


Congratulations, teacher! On this day, we want to express our boundless gratitude to you for giving your children all your precious soul, giving them wisdom and knowledge, warmth and love of your heart. We wish you never to grow old in soul, strength and inspiration, grateful children and sunny days! Teacher’s Day!

Warm congratulations to the first teacher

Teacher’s Day is a holiday that we are happy to celebrate today! And congratulations to you, the best teacher in the world. Every day you put your heart and soul into students, giving them valuable knowledge and your love. A huge bow to you and boundless gratitude for your work! Teacher’s Day!


Happy Teacher’s Day and wish you confidence, endurance, good health and strong strength. May your love for life, for your work, for the whole world be without boundaries, may your students be obedient and capable of great victories, may your heart meet every day with good hope, may your soul know the taste of happiness every moment.


On this autumn holiday, we wish you to feel the warmth of student hearts and the power of parental gratitude and respect. May life be filled with inspiration, love and health, and pedagogical skills become even more graceful every year.

Best congratulations to the class teacher

Happy Teacher’s Day. I wish you confidence and vigor, health and inspiration, respect and love, good luck and success. May every day be good and fun, interesting and bright, may each student please you with his achievements, may each close person give you harmony and happiness.


Happy Teacher’s Day. I wish you to work tirelessly. I wish you to enjoy life without any loss. I wish you sincere love, great respect, boundless happiness and restless inspiration. I wish you to be an excellent teacher, a wonderful person and an excellent example of altruism.


Congratulations from all of us, our dear teacher, on your professional holiday! Thanks to you and a deep bow for your work, kindness, professionalism and love for your students. Congratulations and wish you many years and happiness!


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