Austal USA will develop autonomous solutions for the US Navy’s naval transport ship under construction

Austal’s US subsidiary will receive an additional $ 44 million for the development of autonomous technologies for the USNS Apalachicola transport catamaran

Photo from the Austal website

Austal USA (the American division of the Australian shipbuilding company Austal) will receive an additional $ 44 million, as part of changes in the terms of the preliminary contract, for the design, procurement of materials, introduction into production and demonstration of autonomous capabilities on the 13th military transport ship of the catamaran class for the transfer of troops and technology between theaters of war USNS Apalachicola (EPF 13), the shipbuilding company said.

A series of 15 Spearhead-class fast military transport vessels for the US Navy are under construction at Austal USA production sites. Since December 2012, twelve EPF-type vessels have already been handed over to the military department. A thirteenth catamaran vessel is currently under construction at the Austal USA shipyard in Mobile, Alabama.

Characteristics of the Spearhead class vessel: the aluminum hull of the catamaran is 103 m long, the cargo deck is 1.8 thousand square meters. m with a deck for landing and take-off of a medium transport helicopter and space for 300 or more marines.

These military transport catamarans were designed and built by Austal to support a wide range of missions from maritime security operations to humanitarian relief and disaster relief.

Two such ships are currently under construction at the Austal USA shipyard – USNS Apalachicola (EPF 13) and USNS Cody (EPF 14).

In addition to the EPF shipbuilding program, Austal USA has been awarded a contract to supply 19 Coastal Defense Ship (LCS) Independence Series ships to the US Navy. Since 2010, 13 ships from this series have already been handed over to the US Navy. The naming ceremony for the 15th Coastal Defense Vessel (USS Canberra) took place at the Austal USA shipyard on June 5, 2021.

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Founded in 1988, Austal Shipbuilding Company (headquartered in Henderson, Australia) is today the world leader in the design and construction of military and civil aluminum ships. The company’s shipbuilding facilities are located in Western Australia, the USA (Mobile, Alabama), the Philippines (Balamban) and Vietnam (Vung Tau). Austal has built over 300 different vessels worldwide to date. Austal specializes in the construction of high-speed passenger-and-freight ferries (catamaran, trimaran), patrol boats, warships and auxiliary and multipurpose vessels and private yachts.


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