Athletes reveal the secrets of the “crazy sex culture” of the Olympics

Despite the attempts of the organizers of the Olympic Games to protect athletes from having sex, he still was, is and will be in the villages for the participants. Such a statement was made by the famous long jumper Susan Tiedtke, her words led edition of the New York Post.

Talk that Tokyo had decided to prevent lovemaking among athletes began even before the games. There is information that the frame of the beds in the Olympic Village is made of cardboard. They were immediately dubbed “anti-sex beds.”

Rumors were dispelled by the head of the village, who said: such a frame will withstand up to 200 kilograms. The cardboard was used only for the sake of sustainability, so that after the games the furniture could be sent for recycling.

The idea that cardboard beds can prevent sex is laughed at by celebrated German athlete Susan Tiedke. She said that during the Olympics, athletes are at their peak of physical fitness. After the competition, everyone wants to release energy, and no amount of inhibitions on sex will help: they just don’t work.

According to Tiedtke, in training, she was actually told to refrain from sex before performing. But there are no prohibitions after competitions in sports. Some athletes make love until the early hours of the morning.

“There is one party after another, alcohol is often involved. You have always heard others’ having fun, sometimes you could hardly fall asleep, ”the athlete recalls.

United States women’s soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo also shared her memories. She said there is always a lot of sex at the Olympics. Solo saw some people making love in the street, hiding between buildings.

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For the first time, condoms were distributed in the Olympic Village back in 1988 in Seoul. The organizers have long been prepared for the fact that sex after the competition will be mandatory, and wanted to minimize the consequences. But seasoned athletes believe that no lack of free condoms, no supposedly anti-sex beds will definitely motivate athletes to give up pleasure and relaxation.

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