Artificial intelligence and love in the IOWA video for the song “Throw”

Singer Ekaterina Ivanchikova (IOWA) has released a video for the single “Throw”. The video turned out to be a full-fledged short film.

The action takes place in the future. A young man in a home laboratory teaches a girl everyday things, as if she had just been born. He shows old videos where they walked and kissed, but then she begins to cry and breaks down. In the end, it turns out that it was a robot, and the hero is trying to revive the deceased lover with the help of artificial intelligence.

The video was produced by Red Pepper Film. According to the founder of the studio, Danil Golovanov, the idea to make a mini-film was born immediately after listening to the track. He noted that Ivanchikova’s acting talent did not even call into question the fact that it would be possible to “swing at a more complex setup and story.”

The authors talked about the conflict between the “creator” and the “work”, where a scientist tries to make a man out of a machine. Behind all this is the problem of love and the ability to fight for it. The protagonist spends his life in vain attempts to return the old feelings to the clone of his girlfriend, and people often do not know how to nourish and protect the relationship that is dear to them.

“Yes, it may seem that the hero’s actions are Sisyphean labor or the pride of the creator from unwillingness to accept the death of a loved one. But the hero’s reality is a belief in the impossible. What if she remembers everything? And if the memory returns, if her personality returns, is it really that much difference whether she is a clone or the first person who started it all? ” – noted the directors of the video Egor Myasnikov and Yakov Milenky.

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Ekaterina Ivanchikova said that the song “Throw” is a real story about a long-distance relationship for many years. “What motivates people who meet several times a year somewhere in a foreign country, in a foreign territory, what kind of affection is this? This is a wildly sad story and at the same time a story of great faith in each other. I want to believe that the matches that I sing about in the song, even if they run out, can still be obtained somewhere so that the fire never goes out, ”IOWA shared.


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