Artificial avalanche thunders down a mountain in Alaska: onlookers film controlled demolition

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An impressive spectacle has taken place in the US state of Alaska: emergency services triggered avalanches on a mountain. Onlookers admired the finish and filmed the falling snow.

Eyewitnesses from the capital of Alaska, Juneau, which lies at the foot of the 1,164-meter-high Mount Roberts, watched a spectacular mission in which the avalanche-prone slopes were cleared of their white splendor.

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“From time to time, the Alaska Department of Transportation does routine work to trigger avalanches to avoid human casualties or property damage. They often use a device called a “daisy bell” to trigger them, but not in this case. Loud explosions could be heard rattling our windows all day. I was told they used a howitzer, ”the eyewitness commented on the clip.

Buried under snow: footage of an approaching avalanche

With the help of controlled explosions, large avalanches and the resulting dangers are to be avoided.


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