Arizona wants to reopen gas chambers

And execute the condemned at Zyklon B.

At the end of May, the Americans discovered in The Guardian newspaper the latest twist to date in the epic of states wishing to continue to operate their cogs of death: Arizona has decided to reinstate the gas chamber. This news came following relentless attempts by Republican elected officials in that state to resume executions after a seven-year hiatus.

It was after Joseph Wood’s failed lethal injection in 2014 that Arizona stopped killing death row inmates. Wood died after two hours, during which he was injected with a total of 750mg of midazolam and hydromorphone, fifteen times the amounts stated in the state’s execution protocol. His agony was just one appalling spectacle among many that have marked the recent history of lethal injections.

The plan to add hydrogen cyanide death (also known as Zyklon B) to the possibilities that already exist, i.e. to use the same gas that the Nazis used at Auschwitz, reveals how far capital punishment supporters are willing to go to make the death machine work. To add the lethal injection gas chamber to the arsenal of approved methods of execution is to ignore the disgusting truth of the appalling history of the gas chambers.

Nevada, a pioneer since 1921

How ironic that it is Arizona that is taking this step, the state that in 1999 carried out the last and one of the most terrifying executions by lethal gas. Witnesses to the death of Walter LaGrand, convicted of theft and murder in 1982, said the man suffered terribly, suffocated and suffocated for over 18 minutes before …

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