Arizona State – Bear stuck on utility pole

Published10. June 2021, 03:23

An energy supplier in the US state of Arizona had to turn off the electricity for 15 minutes because an animal got lost on a power pole.

  • In the US state of Arizona a bear got lost on a power pole and got stuck.

  • An employee of the utility company encouraged the animal to climb back down.

  • The bear was unharmed.

A bear is stranded on a power pole in the US state of Arizona. Energy supplier Sulfur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative was informed Monday that the animal had become entangled in wires from the mast on the outskirts of Willcox town. The electricity was turned off immediately, said Werner Neubauer from the company. He took an elevator up to the bear and tried to get the animal to climb down with a two-meter stick.

He even talked to the bear, said Neubauer. “I think I told him I would help him get down the mast,” he said. “I knew he couldn’t understand me. But it got his attention. “

Ultimately, the bear climbed down. Then he ran off into the desert. According to Neubauer, there were no injuries. The power cut in favor of the bear only took about 15 minutes.

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