Arizona man sentenced for killing 5 cyclists south of Las Vegas – NBC Las Vegas

Jordan Alexander Barson, the man from Kingman, Arizona, who pleaded guilty to killing five cyclists while under high levels of methamphetamine on Highway 95 outside of Boulder City on Dec. 10 received his sentence.

According to the authorities, a group of cyclists was traveling behind the support vehicle that was driving with them to protect themselves from the winds when the truck, which was driven by Barson, hit several of them.

In addition to the five victims who lost their lives, two more cyclists were injured, in addition to the driver of the support vehicle. Records say Barson had 9 times the amount of methamphetamine allowed to handle.

Barson pleaded guilty on April 20 to charges of driving under the influence resulting in deaths.

The district judge, Bita Yeager, after hearing the statements of the relatives of the cyclists who lost their lives, said that Barson must be in prison for a minimum of 96 months and a maximum of 240 months for the two charges he faced. Following this decision, Barston will be in prison for 16 to 40 years.

The victims Erin Ray, 29; Gerrard Suarez, 41 years old; Tom Trauger, 57; Michael Todd, 57, and Aksoy Ahmet, 48, were recalled during the sentencing phase, in addition to naming two people who sustained substantial injuries in the hit-and-run.


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