Arizona – But how the hell did that bear get there?

PostedJune 11, 2021, 4:22 PM

A plantigrade was discovered in an awkward position by an employee of a local electric company near Willcox.

The first saving gesture: cut off the electricity. Then, we had to find a way to allow a badly licked bear to find the floor of the cows …

It was this noble task that Werner Neubauer, a regional power line maintainer, set about last Monday near Willcox, Arizona. Following an alert, the professional went to the foot of an electric pole to discover a bear apparently stuck at the top of a pole, its legs dangling between two frame reinforcements, reports AP News.

After eliminating any risk of electrocution, the technician had to climb on the basket of a freight elevator in order to rise to the height of the plantigrade. Using a rod about 2 meters long, he tried to make her understand that the place was hardly suitable for an animal of this size. He even tried to talk to her. “I told him I was going to help him down. I knew he wouldn’t understand me, but at least I managed to get his attention, ”he says.

The perched bear first grabbed and bit the stick that had been presented to it before deciding to begin its descent towards the mainland. He then fled into the desert without asking for his remains. According to the employee, the animal did not appear to be injured in any way.

The power cut that affected the surrounding area only lasted fifteen minutes. The penalized customers would have been very understanding once given the reason for this momentary interruption.

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