Anti-hypersonic defense

$ 8.9B: This is the amount requested by the US Missile Defense Agency for fiscal year 2022.

Back to the future

The Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) request for $ 8.9 billion (€ 7.2 billion at current rate) for next year for next year mainly concerns the development of next-generation interceptors for the “sanctuary” of the missile. US territory, space tracking and hypersonic defensive capability. 7.16 billion is for R&D and testing, 1.24 billion for purchasing, and 502 million for operations and maintenance.

Protean threat

For the MDA, the threat comes both from the ballistic and non-ballistic systems of the “rogue states” and from strategic competitors. Among the new threats taken seriously by the US are hypersonic gliders launched by ballistic missiles – implicitly designating the “Avanguard” developed by Russia. But also supersonic and hypersonic cruise missiles.

Less than 2021, but a lot of projects

The MDA is currently working on a hypersonic and ballistic space sensor project, in cooperation with the US Space Force and the Space Development Agency. The budget for 2022 should also include the next-generation interceptor, which will be positioned in Alaska and California, a defense system against hypersonic gliders, and the production of interceptors for the THAAD. Without forgetting the anti-missile missile of the Aegis system. 40 SM-3 Block IB and 8 SM-3 Block IIA will soon be deployed in Europe and on specially equipped ships.


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