Ana Torroja and Alaska together for the first time! Enjoy, exclusively, their musical project unidas – Celebrity Land

Ana Torroja has shown, exclusively in ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’, a small fragment of the video clip that is about to premiere with Alaska. The singers have teamed up and will launch their first musical project together in the coming days.

Thanks to Ana Torroja, we have been able to enjoy a small preview of what the singer’s video clip with Alaska will be like in ‘Hora y Cuarto’. In addition, after seeing that progress, Ana Torroja has revealed to us how long she has not been on stage and ensures that she has to start training to be able to give her all when that long-awaited moment arrives.

Do you want to know more and enjoy those first images? Hit the video to find out!

In addition, Ana Torroja has also settled in ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ the controversy of her alleged rivalry with Alaska. This is how he has explained it to us to put an end to this supposed confrontation!

Enjoy the full program on ATRESplayer.

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