An example of collective vaccination against coronavirus was shown by employees of the brotherly kindergarten No. 117

The day before they were vaccinated with the Gam-Covid-Vac vaccine. How many people have been vaccinated and how they feel now, we will find out in the next material.

The mobile team of doctors of the first city hospital works quickly and accurately. In the composition: a paramedic and a nurse who conduct a thorough examination of each of the 22 patients before vaccination. And this is a special ampoule. That for which they all gathered today. Vaccine Gam-Covid-Vac. Or the more well-known Sputnik-V. The world’s first registered combination vector vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus infection. Or more commonly known as COVID-19.

Larisa Kushnareva, district paramedic of GB No. 1

The kindergartens are located in certain areas, at the moment we are vaccinating the 117th kindergarten – this is the 19th area, the third therapeutic department. The local doctor comes to the place and vaccinates the population ready to be vaccinated.

On the spot, doctors collect information – anamnesis. In which it is recorded: the patient’s condition, chronic diseases, as well as information about whether he has already suffered a coronavirus. Only after that do they reach vaccination. This ampoule was taken out right in the building of the brotherly kindergarten No. 117, from a thermocontainer. It allows you to keep the temperature during transportation. After thawing, the vaccine can only be used for two hours.

You can, in principle, submit an application to the head physician. A list of employees who want to be vaccinated is compiled and we leave.

Galina Gurskaya has been working with children for nine years, for the last five years as a teacher in kindergarten No. 117. She came with her husband to get the coronavirus vaccine.

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Galina Gurskaya, teacher of kindergarten number 117

My husband and I are both teachers, he works at school, I work in the garden. We work with children – it is responsible and it is necessary to vaccinate in this difficult situation, you need to play it safe.

The procedure, according to Galina, is easy. The vaccination is painless, and the result will not be long in coming. The same opinion is shared by Lyubov Metlyaeva, the head of the kindergarten. Vaccination against coronavirus, in her opinion, is simply necessary.

Lyubov Metlyaeva, head of kindergarten number 117

We have already spontaneously vaccinated five employees on their own. As the pandemic continues, the number of cases is stable. We deliberately, without coercion, decided to apply and those who wish signed up. In the amount of 22 people.

Such an example is contagious. All this is done, as we have said before, so that collective immunity is formed in the country and society.
Moreover, now there is an opportunity to organize an on-site brigade to enterprises on a preliminary request from the team, indicating the exact number of applicants.
You can see the contact numbers for the vaccination appointment on the screen.

Contact phone numbers for making an appointment for vaccination:
BGB No. 1: 45-55-80, 89041243452 (Vedernikova Anna Andreevna), call-center: 216-970;
BGB No. 2: 33-51-85, 89021794415 (Khvostachenko Svetlana Aleksandrovna), call-center: 216-000;
BGB No. 3: 31-06-38, 89025619109 (Filina Albina Ivanovna), call-center: 216-040;
BGB No. 5: 42-12-60, 89086648503 (Ulyanov Dmitry Viktorovich), call-center: 216-640.

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