an evening in memory of Eduard Ranenko and a charity concert “Under the Christmas Star”

The first working week of this year is coming to an end. We’ll tell you how to spend your weekend if you already think that the holidays were once upon a time.

Intellectual club Skvoreshnya at the Novgorod Center for Contemporary Art continues a series of lectures on painting. On January 16 at 13:00, art critic Sergei Pukhachev will talk about the “Northern Renaissance”. 12+.

Novgorod cameraman, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia will be remembered at the Cinema Museum on Saturday Eduard Ranenko… On January 16, he would have turned 85 years old. For three decades he was not only the author of plots and films about Novgorod, but also constantly supported local film lovers, held courses and master classes for them, and organized amateur film festivals. An exposition in memory of Ranenko will open in the museum, where unique documents and awards of the master will be presented. Also, guests of the Cinema Museum will see two documentaries by Eduard Vasilyevich: “Where is Sofia, here is Novgorod” (1981) and “From the life of an artist” (1990) about the famous Novgorod artist Vladimir Grebennikov. Start at 15:00. 0+.

Detective Alfred Hitchcock will be shown at the museum on January 16 at 18:00 “Believer” (1948, 16+) with James Sturt in the title role, and on Sunday at the same time Novgorodians will see the beloved film by Gleb Panfilov “Begining” (1970) with Inna Churikova and Leonid Kuravlyov. 12+.

The Alekseevskaya (White) Tower hosts an exhibition “Board games of medieval Novgorod”… On the example of archaeological finds, visitors will learn what our ancestors loved to play. During the systematic study of the cultural layer of Novgorod, researchers have found many accessories for board games made of wood, bone, stone. Most often these are individual figures, chips and cubes, most likely lost by their owners. Until now, archaeologists dream of finding a chessboard or the most complete set for the game, but this has not yet been possible.

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In early January, a new creative space was opened in Veliky Novgorod – Ecoloft… It is located on the 3rd floor of one of the former buildings of the GARO plant on Bolshaya St. Petersburg, 64. On January 17, a meeting will take place on the topic “How does the fashion industry affect the environment?” With a designer from St. Petersburg Elizaveta Belova, the participants will discuss how our purchases and clothing choices affect the planet, whether it is worth looking into second-hand stores, and where the fashion industry is heading in relation to the environment. The beginning is at 15:30. 0+.

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On January 16, in the Palace of Culture and Youth “City”, the “Experiment” theater-studio will show the production “We play classics. William Shakespeare”… The play is based on the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” about how the magic spirits of nature intervene in romantic vicissitudes, rewarding lovers with minutes of happiness and inspiration. Start at 16 o’clock. 12+.


This evening will also be dedicated to the legacy of the Great Bard at the Maly Theater. A performance will be shown here at 19 o’clock “Romeo and Juliet”… It takes place in Verona, where today thousands of tourists and newlyweds come to the house-museum of Juliet to confess their love to the heroes of the tragedy and, if lucky, to celebrate the wedding on the most famous balcony, where Romeo and Juliet, according to legend, swore an oath to each other. eternal love. This is a place of new meetings and secret dates ruled by the patroness of dreams, Queen Mab. 16+.

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On January 16 at 18 o’clock at the Drama Theater named after F.M. Dostoevsky will host the premiere of the play about the Nuremberg Trials “And it will be rewarded to you”… Playwright Alexander Zvyagintsev and director Daniil Donchenko will show the trial through the eyes of Soviet captain Denis Slavin and emigrant princess Irina Gagarina. Two little people in the face of a big story: he arrived at the Nuremberg trials as an employee of the Soviet intelligence, she also works as a translator in the French delegation. The war broke their fates, but sharpened the desire to live and love. Following the romantic relationship amid political intrigue, viewers will immerse themselves in a large-scale historical event, learn the details of the plan for an attack on the USSR, hear the interrogations of Goering, Ribbentrop, Keitel and other leaders of the Reich. 16+.

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On Sunday at 6 pm a play will be shown at the Drama Theater “Ladies tailor” (16+). This is a light, direct comedy by the French vaudeville master Georges Feydeau: a whirlwind of intrigue, confusion and ridiculous situations, the center of which becomes the main character Mulino. Of course, there is no tailor, there is a ladies’ man who, by a funny coincidence, is forced to impersonate him. And since the action takes place in Paris, in addition to a beautiful wife and a cozy home, Mulino also has a very seductive lover, an obsessive eccentric Bassinet with his inheritance and projection ideas, as well as many random new and suddenly old acquaintances, friends and women, because of which our hero finds himself in the most intricate, ambiguous and confusing situations and is desperately looking for a way out of them.

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Young spectators are expected at the Maly Theater on January 17 at 13 o’clock for a performance “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, which embodied the cozy world of Scandinavian fairy tales. Parents give their son not to tailors or woodcutters, but to wizards, so that he can bewitch anyone. Only now the Wizard is not going to just return the student home, so the father will have to rescue him from the magic captivity. This ironic and kind fairy tale will appeal to children and adults. Because the main charms here are music, parental love and a generous heart. 6+.


And in the drama theater kids are waiting for a fairy tale about good and evil, generosity and greed, hard work and laziness – “Frost”… The stepmother sends her stepdaughter Annushka to look for the spindle she lost. And she, in search of a spindle, finds herself in a magical world, in which she will be awarded with expensive gifts for her hard work and kindness. The greedy and lazy stepmother’s daughter Thekla, having envied the girl, also hurries to receive expensive gifts. And what happened next, you will find out at the play! Beginning January 17, 12:00. 0+.

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Dark Secret Love team invites you to a series of tribute concerts at the Papa-Bar club. On January 15th, the main hits of Rammstein will be remembered here, on January 16th – by the groups “King and Shut”, and on January 17th – by the Finnish Goths HIM. Beginning at 19:00, 16+.

On Sunday at 4 pm on the stage of the DKM “Gorod” there will be an annual concert “Under the Christmas Star”… It is timed to coincide with the Christmas Gift charity marathon. The concert will be attended by creative teams of Veliky Novgorod. Having come to the concert, each spectator will be able to become a kind magician by providing a feasible financial donation to help those in need. All collected funds will be transferred to the account of the regional charity marathon. 6+.


We wish you an interesting and eventful weekend!

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