An early April at -43 ° C

Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 12:42 – While in Quebec, we are entitled to an exceptional sequence of sunny days, at the other end of the continent, Alaska is breaking historic cold records.

The cold has proclaimed itself king in Alaska since February. But, the last few days have literally broken records, as an unusually cold air mass from the Arctic moved over the US state, then intensified over the weekend, setting many records.

Between blizzard and cold records

The city of Fairbanks began its first week in April with a snowstorm, which left about three inches, bringing the total snowpack figure for this area to about 102 cm.

Then Fairbanks, but also the city of Bettles, then recorded records with respective temperatures of -31 ° C and -36 ° C, on April 6. It was the 177th consecutive cold day for Fairbanks, another record for the city.

The following Thursday, the mercury dropped again to -43 ° C in the North Slope region of Alaska, with feelings even reaching -56. This was not only a record for the place, but also an unusual situation, since at the same time in Texas, temperatures reached 43 ° C, a difference of 86 degrees between the most hot and colder. Some inland areas had not recorded such cold temperatures in April since 1911.


This Saturday morning is likely to be one of the coldest days of this cold snap.

Meanwhile in the province …

Quebec being at the center of an atmospheric blockage, we were rather entitled to several successive beautiful days, with the exception of the sectors further east.

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This heat resulted in the hasty disappearance of snow on the ground in the western part of the province, while eastern Quebec found itself with a deficit. As of April 10, Gaspé has only 4 cm on the ground while the normal is 27.7 and Sept-Îles has only 29 cm compared to a normal of 48 cm.


In addition, the mercury in particular exceeded 20 ° C everywhere in the south of the province, beating temperature records throughout the week. Among other things, among the many municipalities to have broken records, the cities of Gatineau and Montreal recorded temperatures of 23.5 ° C and 24.6 ° C, surpassing records dating back to 1945!

Different realities when it comes to precipitation

While moderate to heavy snow is still expected over the coming days for the Yukon Delta and the Upper Aleutian Mountains, it is still mostly dry conditions that will prevail in Quebec until the middle of the week. It is indeed possible that the south of the province will see a few drops of rain. But we will have to wait a while before seeing the arrival of real good amounts of precipitation.

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