An autonomous taxi causes a traffic jam when blocked by cones

May 18, 2021 at 10:03 am


An autonomous taxi blocked a highway in Arizona after mistaking it for a lane closed with traffic cones. The Waymo vehicle repeatedly pulled away from assistance on the road and dispatched within minutes of the car getting stuck. Passenger Joel Johnson documented the experience on his YouTube channel. The Alphabet-owned company said it was an “unusual situation” and that the taxi had operated safely throughout the trip. Waymo is the first fully autonomous taxi service that has legal permission to operate.Currently only available in the East Valley District of Phoenix. Construction workers arrive to remove the cones, giving the taxi a clear path, but it stands still for a few minutes. Then when roadside assistance arrives, the taxi starts to drive away.

A few moments later, the taxi pulls up a second time, after again facing traffic cones, and then drives away once more as roadside assistance approaches. Eventually the car is disabled and a human driver takes over the steering wheel.


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