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The counting of historic votes to form a trade union at the Bessemer Distribution Center in Alabama, Amazon, will begin on March 30. The warehouse, which began operations just a year ago to meet the surge in demand due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), has become one of the centers of the labor movement in modern American history.

Voting began by mail on February 8, but by then Amazon had tried to delay the vote and, despite pandemic restrictions, had it vote directly. As expected, the situation continued to heat up day by day, reaching the voting deadline of March 29th. Even with Amazon’s aggressive public relations strategy standards, things are surprisingly advanced.

Among them, the three-commerce giant used Twitter to develop an aggressive anti-union strategy. In addition, the company attempted to promote the image of the current working environment while confronting progressive / left-wing politicians such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He played a central role in getting Amazon to accept the minimum wage of $ 15 per hour for warehouse workers.

According to media reportsThe scorched earth operation against Senator Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts overheated from the beginning. Founder Jeff Bezos, who will resign as CEO in 2021, is said to have propelled the attack.

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Amazon News Twitter sent a rebuttal tweet, denying widespread and persistent reports that deliverymen were using PET bottles for fear of quota non-compliance, but then turned to a positive approach.However, the action over voting continues and monitors the ballot box.Proposed to install a video cameraHowever, it was rejected by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Voting will start on March 30th, but don’t expect immediate results. The process is systematic and cautious. A method that does not complain from either side is taken. Amazon’s recent actions show that the company is well aware that this is a much bigger problem than the 6,000 workers currently working at the Bessemer distribution center. If the company wins, it will position this decision as proof of the validity of the company’s working conditions. On the other hand, if workers agree to form a union, it could lead to a chain reaction throughout the company.

Birmingham, Alabama, March 5, US time. The truck runs away after the legislators meet with unionists at the Amazon BHM1 facility on March 5, 2021. People working at Amazon facilities are currently earning $ 15 an hour, but feel that their quota reduction demands haven’t been heard by management (image credit: Megan Varner / Getty Images).

This week on Amazon German business workers strikeIs scheduled to take place for four days, and there was a similar move in Italy last week.

“This isn’t just Alabama workers. They’re workers all over the world telling Jeff Bezos that there’s a lot more. All Amazon workers around the world, even in different languages, are all too. I’m not going to endure this long-standing working condition, “said Stuart Applebaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Workers’ Union (RWDSU), in a statement.

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The vote total is managed by the NLRB. If workers support the formation of a union, Bessemer workers will join RWDSU. The organization is also at Amazon’s resistance. Last week, Amazon told TechCrunch:

RWDSU Chief Information Officer Stuart Applebaum has taken another fact to a whole new level in order to save his declining union. But our employees are wise and know the truth. Over $ 15 an hour, health insurance from day one, and a safe and comprehensive workplace. The company encourages all employees to vote.

The ballot was sent to the NLRB’s Birmingham office. Both sides can disagree with the results for several reasons. One of them is a signature that proves that the person who voted is actually an Amazon employee. Something must happen even after the votes have been counted. There is a high possibility that it will be a court battle. Eventually it may take weeks or months.

This battle is a rare situation in which a bipartisan political alliance is formed. It is rare for politicians such as Marco Rubio on the one hand and Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden on the other. Especially in traditionally conflicting events such as trade unions.

“The movement is already a victory in many ways,” Applebaum said in a statement last week. “Whatever the voting results, we believe we have opened the door to union formation across the country.”

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