Alabama watch Saban vs. Ohio State sixth place on TSN-Ximei

Alabama watch Saban vs. Ohio State on TSN for sixth place

Alabama eyeing sixth title under Saban vs. Ohio State on TSN

Alabama eyeing sixth title under Saban vs. Ohio State on TSN

Alabama watch Saban vs. Ohio State on TSN for sixth place

Miami (MIAMI, Associated Press) trying to figure out which of Nick Saban’s Alabama team is the best is like picking Michelangelo’s greatest artwork or Ernest Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway) The best novel.

They are excellent in their own way.

The first time it won the National Championship was in 2009, and it is still the only Alabama team that has not been defeated during Saban’s administration in 14 unprecedented seasons of reign.

The 2011 national team championship may be the biggest defender of the powerful crime of college football’s modern power. The current Crimson Tide team is one of the most prolific and talented teams in the history of the sport.

“Each team is different. Each team has its own personality,” Saban said on Sunday. “But it’s hard to compare teams.”

On Monday, the number one Tide (12-0) will be ranked third (7-0) in Ohio State, participating in the College Football Playoff tournament in search of a sixth A national champion coached by Saban.

Watch the college football ball LIVE tournament on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5 at 7: 30PM ET/4: 30PM PT.

According to the plan, the final taxation and bizarre season game will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium (Hard Rock Stadium), the home of the NFL Dolphins in Miami. Due to COVID-19 postponed or cancelled nearly 130 games, there are no guarantees for this season. But Alabama arrived in South Florida on Friday and Ohio on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, a regular press conference before the game was held with the coaches. This year, I did not share the stage, put out the trophy and shook hands on the stage.

Ohio State coach Lane Day said, “It must be a strange road to get here.”

In August, when the “Big Ten” postponed the game, Buckeyes was fully focused on the prospect of being fully focused. After that, they only participated in six games before the start of the game. Earlier this week, the day admitted that Ohio was dealing with some new COVID-19 cases.

Earlier this week, people were even worried that the game might be forced to go backwards.

If the Buckeyes did disappoint Alabama and won their first national championship since 2014, they would be the fewest games that Minnesota has participated in since Minnesota won the national championship with a score of 8 to 0 in 1941.

Alabama has only postponed one game this season, although this is due to COVID-19 issues with LSU. Saban virus tested positive twice. After further testing, this was considered a false positive for the first time and he was able to coach against Georgia. He missed the Iron Bowl game with Auburn for the second time.

Otherwise, considering the situation at the time, the Ted Dynasty has been as close as possible to business as usual.

Saban said, “Our team has shown a lot of maturity and perseverance throughout the season.” “What we say to the players is basically that the team that shows the maturity to deal with interference will eventually have the greatest chance of success. , The consistency of performance is always the key to success, and our perseverance has always been shown in a consistent way.”

Moreover, the situation is always very good in the face of extremely difficult timetables.

Due to this epidemic, the Southeastern Conference decided to play only league games this season. Facing the Virgin Mary in 11 SEC games and games, Crimson Tide averaged 29 points. Only one of them was decided by less than 15 people.

Alabama’s offense included five all-Americans, including Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith (DeVonta), and two other players (a quarter of Mac Jones (Mac) and Najee Harris (Najee Harris), they were among the top five in Heisman’s vote.

“This is a major crime. Ohio Defense Coordinator Kerry Coombs said it was totally offensive. “They have a good role, but they also have a good plan. They know How to attack defense. People have tried them in many different ways, and they always have answers.”

Another tournament will give Saban 7 championships, including a BCS title at LSU in 2003. This is a break with another coach from Alabama, Paul’s greatest tournament. In the 25 years from 1958 to 1982, Bear won 6 championships, ahead of Tide.

Saban, 69, is 169-23 years old in Alabama and shows no signs of slowing down.

“One of the best football coaches in the history of college football,” Dai said.

How to solve the forest problem?

Ohio’s story this week is how a quarter of Justin Fields performed after the brutal shooting of Fields in the second quarter of Buckeyes’s semi-final defeat of Clemson. Tian Ye only missed one game against the Tigers and finally dropped six tour passes.

But this story has few details. Fields said that the day after the game, he felt better than expected, and he will play on Monday night.

There was no update on his players’ injuries that day, so it is not clear what damage was caused to Fields.

“Justin did a great job,” Dai said. “He has done a very good preparation. I think this is what he did very well in the last game, just to prepare at the top. He will continue to do this this week.”

This is likely to be Fields’ last game, because junior players are expected to be one of the first players selected in the NFL draft in April.

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