Alabama governor splits criticism as it loses control over state’s low inoculation rate – RT USA News

Republican Gov. of Alabama Kay Ivey, who was previously dubbed “one of the best” in the United States by Donald Trump, has received surprising praise from the Liberals for expressing his frustration to those who are not. vaccinated against Covid-19.

Asked by reporters Thursday about how to better promote vaccinations to those who still refuse as cases rise in various states, Ivey replied: “I don’t know, tell me! ”

She added that ” people [are] supposed to have common sense “ and then claimed that it was “It’s time to blame the unvaccinated.”

“It’s time to start blaming unvaccinated people, not ordinary people. It’s the unvaccinated people who let us down ”, she said.

Alabama has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, with less than 40% of people 12 years and older fully vaccinated. Vaccination rates have also slowly declined month-to-month in the state.

Daily coronavirus cases have increased by 70% over the past week, with hospitalization rates increasing as well, and Ivey says that is “Crystal clear” this is a problem among unvaccinated residents.

“These people choose a horrible way of life and self-inflicted pain,” said the governor. “You know we have to get people to shoot. The vaccine is the best weapon we have to fight Covid, there is no doubt, the data proves it. “

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Ivey, who is fully vaccinated, claimed she did “All I can do” when it comes to promoting vaccines to its constituents.

“I can encourage you to do something, but I cannot force you to take care of yourself” she said.

Ivey’s targeting of unvaccinated Americans is similar to statements by White House health officials, who have warned of a “Pandemic among the unvaccinated” as they continue to promote vaccines and issue stern warnings about the growing delta variant.

There are many cases of vaccinated Americans still infected with Covid-19, but the vast majority who have found themselves infected and hospitalized are not vaccinated, officials say.

Data from the state of Alabama shows that there have been 500 deaths from Covid-19 since the start of April, and only 20 of those deaths were from fully vaccinated people.

Following her comments, Ivey, a Trump supporter, received surprising praise from the Liberals on social media for expressing her frustration with those who still refuse to be vaccinated.

However, many critics have also claimed that it was “too little, too late” and that Ivey’s past and current support for Republicans stupid his argument.

Ivey had already earned praise from the Conservatives for being one of many governors to ban potential “vaccine passports” in his state.

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She also announced this week that masks will not be required when students return to school in the fall, which many liberal activists have argued should be mandatory. Chicago Public Schools, for example, announced this week that regardless of their immunization status, students will disguise themselves when they return to class.

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