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[Voice of Hope March 4, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Zhong Xuan)The famous Dr. Seuss series of children’s picture books has recently been banned due to the leftist “abolition of culture”. However, the American people snapped up the series of books on the shopping site eBay, pushing the price to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. According to media analysis, this is a direct effect of Americans’ opposition to “cancel culture.”

March 2 is National Read Across America Day, and it is also the birthday of Dr. Seuss, a famous American author and children’s cartoonist. On this day, Dr. Seuss Enterprises issued a statement stating that Dr. Seuss’s 6 books-“McElligot’s Pool” (McElligot’s Pool) and “Beyond the Zebra!” “(On Beyond Zebra!), “Super Scrambled Eggs!” “(Scrambled Eggs Super!), “The Cat’s Quizzer” (The Cat’s Quizzer), “Imagine I See It on Mulberry Street” (And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street), and “If I Manage the Zoo” ( If I Ran the Zoo) was suspended for publication due to suspected racially discriminatory pictures.

Dr. Seuss’ books are very popular, and pre-tax income in 2020 is estimated to be 33 million U.S. dollars, compared with only 9.5 million U.S. dollars 5 years ago. “Forbes” ranks Dr. Seuss as the second highest paid deceased celebrity in 2020.

Since the publication of the ban, Dr. Seuss’ books have accounted for more than half of the top 20 bestsellers on, and online sales have soared. As of Wednesday (March 3) morning, his book has been among the top 42 on Amazon’s top 50 “movers and shakers” list.


According to information on eBay, some of Dr. Seuss’s books have sold for hundreds of dollars. One of the bidding information lists all six banned books. The entire set is priced at nearly US$3,000. At least four people have bid for it so far. There were 19 bidders for another set of 6 books, and the highest bid is currently $1,400.

The banning of these six books has aroused considerable repercussions. Some people say that this is “abolition of culture” misconduct. Alabama Governor and former teacher Kay Ivey condemned: “In our country, there is no place for’abolition of culture’.” “Rather than worrying and telling the children, it is wrong to read Dr. Seuss’s work. , It’s better to let us worry about how to get them back to class.”

A recent poll conducted by the Harvard Center for the Study of American Politics and Harris Poll (Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll) found that 64% of Americans believe that “removal of culture” is a threat to freedom.

“The Federalist” (The Federalist) senior editor Bedford (Chris Bedford) also criticized “abolition culture.” He said: “Seuss is not a perfect person, but the books he wrote for children… these are innocent, innocent things.” “Let any expert or educator over-analyze this, and extract Seuss. The doctor wants to bring people anything other than happiness, which means that you don’t understand the heart of Dr. Seuss, but on the contrary it reflects the heart of these experts…”

Bedford believes that those who read Dr. Seuss’s book and impose racist stereotypes, hatred, and the like on him are pitiful.

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“Will the left eventually destroy this country? It’s possible.” Bedford concluded. “So we need to take practical action so that our children and grandchildren can read these books, otherwise these stories will be forgotten, and the left is very good at this.”

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