Adrienne Broner hopes fan love will return

31-year-old former world champion in four weight classes Adrien Broner announced that he has regained his love for boxing and is looking forward to his fight on February 20 against the 31-year-old Puerto Rican Giovanni Santiago… This will be Broner’s first fight in two years and his chance to win his first victory in the professional ring since February 2017.

“I have regained my love for boxing,” Broner quotes DAZN. – I gave myself time to get bored and now I’m ready to return and win a few more world titles. My children are my motivation. “

According to the boxer, he learned from his previous disorderly life, which led to numerous problems with the law and execution orders for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Even if there weren’t these pending lawsuits against me, I would still train hard to get back in the ring and make a fortune,” the boxer said. – This is not what motivates me. The Lord has endowed me with great talent, and I will not let him go to waste. My motivation is that I miss boxing. I miss the world title and I intend to try to become one again. “

“He’s a great fighter,” Broner added of Santiago. “But I’m just on a different level. On February 20, the audience will see that I am the same Adrien Broner who can climb to the top. I realized that in boxing, one show is enough to bring back the fans. All I have to do is go out and perform and everyone will be on my side again. “

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