ADOT reviews license distributors; seek to reduce fraud – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

ARIZONA- In order to detect possible fraud, detectives and analysts from the Office of the Inspector General of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) have reviewed approximately 3,000 license holders of used and wholesale dealerships.

ADOT detectives are communicating with licensees to make sure they are not misusing dealer license plates or selling vehicles outside of their license limits, which is an illegal practice.

What you should know

  • State law allows a person to sell no more than six vehicles in 12 consecutive months without a dealer license.
  • Dealers who try to sell vehicles in excess of what is allowed on their license are also breaking the law.
  • According to authorities, little or no activity on a dealer license can be a sign of possible fraudulent behavior.

Dealer plates are governed by state law. Any changes to license plates and their operation must go through the state legislature. In 2014, ADOT introduced a redesigned bright blue dealer plate with white lettering that shows “Vehicle Dealer” at the bottom in accordance with House Bill 2372 passed during the 2013 Arizona Legislative Session. .


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