Actor Vasily Lanovoy passed away

The fact that the people’s favorite Vasily Lanovoy and his wife, actress Irina Kupchenko became infected with the coronavirus, became known on January 2. And although the spouses did not have severe symptoms, Vasily Lanovoy was still admitted to the hospital, said Irina Kupchenko. “Vasily Semenovich has died,” she told TASS.

On January 28, Vasily Lanovoy’s condition worsened, and he was transferred to intensive care, where the actor suffered clinical death.

Vasily Lanovoy is one of the country’s most beloved actors: men imitated him, women fell in love with him, his heroes were so courageous and beautiful.
Vasily Lanovoy was born on January 16, 1934 in Moscow; in 1953 he entered the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, and later – at the B. Shchukin Theater School (now the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute). His first film while still studying was the picture “Certificate of Maturity”, a little later, in 1956, he played the main role in the film “Pavel Korchagin”. However, the role of Ivan Barabbas from the film “Officers” brought him truly popular fame and love.

The Ufa audience has always warmly and affectionately received Vasily Semenovich at concerts and performances in the capital of the republic.
Blessed memory of your favorite actor …


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