A woman graduates from high school at 94

Grace Lee McClure he is 94 years old and has just graduated of Baccalaureate in Alabama (United States) along with 302 adolescent students. In 1942, at just 16 years old, she had to drop out of school because her husband went off to fight in World War II.

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To the applause of those attending the graduation, Grace was grateful: “Thank you very much. Better late than never, right? “. Her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and siblings attended the ceremony to see Grace graduate at 94.

Grace’s granddaughter, Erin Wilson explained to the US media that “she never said she regretted anything in her life. He would never back down because he loved my grandfather and did exactly what he wanted to do, but I think this is very important to her ”.

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30 years driving a bus

Grace worked as a bus driver for a college in Madison County (Illinois). Her granddaughter has explained how her grandmother still remembers passengers with just their address: “In fact, she took me on the school bus, so she would bring me to and from school. He always encouraged me to finish school, and now he does it with my girls ”.

Grace has always passed on to her family the importance of finishing your studies. At 94, she is the mother of seven children and has 26 great-grandchildren and has just fulfilled one of her dreams: to finish high school.

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