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A few days before the next hearing at the Britney Spears case a new document submitted to California state authorities turn on the alarms. According to local media reports It is a petition to end guardianship that governs the life of the pop princess since 2008.

It will be June 23 when it is expected that Britney Spears break the silence on the controversial case that attracted worldwide attention and caused the movement #FreeBritney that demands their “liberation.” However, it has not yet transpired who introduced the guardianship petition Well, apparently, not even the singer’s lawyers knew about it.

In the latest reports in the US press they point out that the document He was rejected by a Deputy Clerk of the Los Angeles County Superior Court of California for failure to pay the $ 90 filing fee. According to local legislation, the only ones authorized to present the document are the curator of the person or estate, the ward or an interested party.

In this case the 39-year-old singer is the ward, Jodi Montgomery is the temporary healer and Jamie Spears (his father) and Bessemer Trust (the company that manages your assets) are co-conservators of your assets. However, the “interested party” can range from the parents, a brother, a child or a spouse, which is why many wonder if perhaps it was his sister Jamie Lynn Spears who has taken a more active role in the case.

In case of Britney Spears took international relevance as a result of the documentary that reveals in great detail the worst moments of the diva and her nervous attack in 2007. Her father, Jamie Spears had remained as legal guardian since then until the authorities decided that he would share the responsibility with Jodi Montgomery, an attorney.

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