A double truth film tonight on TV: cast, plot, curiosity, streaming

A double truth is the film tonight on TV on Friday 23 July 2021, broadcast in prime time on Rai 3. Below is a description, plot, trailer, some curiosities about the film and where to see it in streaming. FIND OUT WHAT’S ON TV


A double truth movie tonight on tv: cast

Directed by Courtney Hunt. The cast consists of Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gabriel Basso, Erica McDermott, James Belushi, Ritchie Montgomery, Christopher Berry, Lara Grice, Lucky Johnson.


A double truth movie tonight on tv: plot

The young man Mike Lassiter (Gabriel Basso) is found at the crime scene next to his father’s lifeless body and moreover with a bloody knife in his hand. He is immediately accused of voluntary murder for the killing of his father who was very violent. Attorney Richard Ramsey (Keanu Reeves) takes on Mike’s defense and promises widow Loretta that he will be able to get the boy declared innocent. But the trial is more difficult than expected both because the witnesses are not reliable and because Mike, after an uncertain admission of guilt, has barricaded himself behind an impenetrable silence and does not collaborate with the lawyer Ramsey who will have to try to find out what he really is happened. Both the policemen who arrived first at the crime scene and other witnesses are convinced that the culprit is Mike. Furthermore, new evidence weakens the defense and the lawyer has to deal with the methods of the new colleague Janelle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and the reticence of the widow Loretta (Renée Zellweger). Between continuous misdirections and twists, the darkest secrets of the Lassiter family emerge and the story takes on a double meaning and contains a double truth.

A Double Truth Review

The film’s settings are almost exclusively inside the courthouse where Keanu Reeves must defend a boy accused of killing his father. The direction does not seem particularly refined and the actors offer performances below expectations given their standard of acting quality. However, Courtney Hunt’s film still turns out to be interesting. At a certain moment the affair, which seemed to have ended with a procedural result already aimed at the declaration of guilt, takes a different and unexpected path. Keanu Reeves explains his line of defense to his young assistant, referring to the famous boxing match in which Mohammed Ali took George Foreman’s punches for seven rounds and then knocked him out in the eighth round, when the opponent was too tired to counterattack. It is the rhythms that distinguish this film, the lack of haste on the one hand and the lack of patience on the other, to make it special. The protagonist seems to act almost in slow motion avoiding any verbal intemperance, while Hunt seems to want to hypnotize the viewer. The soundtrack is absolutely spot on and follows the narrative development of the story in a minimal and non-invasive way. A film worth seeing.

A double truth streaming

A double truth streaming will also be visible for free from the site raiplay.it/dirette/rai3 obviously at the same times as the television broadcast. It is also possible to watch the film in live streaming from your smartphone or tablet through the RaiPlay app available for iOS and Android.

A double truth movie tonight on tv: trailer

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