A dog saves the life of a newborn baby abandoned in a box in a park

As collected News telecinco, Hel is a Husky who has become the most famous dog in Birmingham (UK). And he has reasons for this since he found an abandoned baby in a park when he was out for a walk with his owner, saving the newborn from certain death.

The events occurred on April 22, when Terry Walsh, a 64-year-old semi-retired engineer, was taking a walk with Hel through Kings Norton Park, in the south of the city. It was just after five in the afternoon when the animal saw a blanket on the side of the road and became interested in it. What its owner did not think is that under the blanket there was a baby.

Walsh has explained to the Daily Mail that he is convinced that “Hel was sent from heaven to rescue the baby”, that he was barely wearing a T-shirt when they found him. As luck would have it, when the dog approached him, the little one began to cry, so Hel lay down next to the newborn and began to “gently push” with his nose.

A hero with legs

The authorities have explained that the baby is in good condition thanks to the fact that Terry Walsh and his dog found it. The man has pointed out that “all of a sudden, I heard this baby cry. I think it was Hel’s gentle push and the warmth of my Husky’s body that woke him up. A bigger dog or with a different temperament might as well have ripped and pulled the blanket and the baby could have been treated like a doll… not to mention the foxes and rats there. Who could do that to a baby? “

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After the great news of the discovery, Terry Walsh’s neighbors continue to congratulate Hel on his discovery and have even asked the Birmingham authorities to award the animal a medal. One of those neighbors, Ann Kelly, says that “heroes have tails, not capes.” According to agent Annie Miller, the baby would have been born the same day he was abandoned.

Meanwhile, the police are still looking for clues to find the boy’s mother. Their ethnicity is still unclear, although they are investigating the presence of a white woman, approximately 20 years old, whom several witnesses locate in the area a few minutes before Hel discovered the baby. The young woman could be in need of medical treatment.


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