A baby was born on Interstate 495, before University Boulevard – News Now

This Friday was different for a family in Maryland, as well as for members of the Montgomery Fire department, who helped with the delivery @petepiringer 👏

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Road fines

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(NOTICIAS YA) .- This Friday was a different day for the Montgomery Fire Department and for a family in Maryland, since in the middle of the typical morning traffic, a baby was born on the road.

Labor began and there was no more time to lose, so paramedical specialists assisted a mother right in the middle of the traffic.

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Road fines

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The delivery was on Interstate 495 before University Boulevard around 7:00 a.m. of this friday.

Montgomery Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer posted that: “On I-495 just before University Boulevard between New Hampshire Ave. & University Boulevard, there was a medical emergency, it is about the delivery of a baby.

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He added that: “Montgomery firefighters transported the mother of the newborn child, all in good condition, affirmed that there were several units in the area. The newborn was delivered to the medical teams arriving, but once they got there, the mother and the baby were transported to the hospital and they are fine. “

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