12 people pass the British Open trials Goosen shortlisted for Montgomery out

If you want to enter a prestigious school, Rentong will look at your extracurricular activities after getting the entry threshold score. The rest is to write your application essays and talk about the content of your interview.

A local news website reported that 60 exchange students from Sichuan, China, had gone to the United States to participate in a two-week summer camp. Most of the students came to Utah for the first time. This group of Chinese students embarked on a study trip 3 weeks ago, and the Utah stop was part of their national itinerary.

But when they returned from Stansbury Park, the selection found that the bus they had taken had been broken into. The culprits carefully searched every piece of luggage and backpacks on the bus, and Seguchsen entered and took away the cash and credit cards of seven students, and the total loss was as high as several thousand yuan. Michelle, who hosted two of the students, said, “I don’t want them to have bad memories of this good place.

12 people passed the British Open trials Goosen shortlisted for Montgomery out

“Because they know that the police can’t do much, the local host family community decided to enter. They began to collect donations, and Rentong intends to compensate the students for all their losses before they leave Utah. I hope they can remember the best in Utah. bright side.

12 people passed the British Open trials Goosen shortlisted for Montgomery out

Mikris said that the British male Goma “people showed amazing generosity.

According to the New Overseas Chinese Newspaper in Japan, in the year of the competition, a popular saying in many places in China called “Go out alone and make the whole family rich.” My eldest daughter, LUCY, is now a third-year student in animation major. Not only has she been selected academically, she has been reported twice in the selection World Journal, and she has also begun to emerge financially. Last year, she found a salary in New York in her sophomore year. She is an intern and promised to hire her when she graduates. A work has been signed to a chain restaurant in Shenzhen, China. There are still many potential customers waiting for her, and her products will be launched soon.

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I am not worried about her future employment prospects at all. Why can I always support her unswervingly in her artistic path? I. I have a very comprehensive understanding of the employment prospects of American art majors, so I am not worried.

Because I also studied in the United States for a Master of Arts, Li Chuan has been engaged in web design work for a long time, and he is very concerned about various information, so many employment issues have been made clear. Most Chinese parents actually have a lot of misunderstandings about the graduation prospects of the art school. If Rentong really understands it, he would not be so worried.


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