102-year-old from Arizona can dance with great-grandchildren again

Because of Corona, the family couldn’t see each other for a year

The video of this exuberantly dancing great-grandmother and her great-grandson warms every heart and gives hope in the fight against Corona: 102-year-old Julia Fulkerson from Arizona was unable to see her family, including great-grandson Brody (6), for a year because of the pandemic.

Now the family has been vaccinated – and visits are finally possible again. The elderly lady expresses her joy at a dance with her great-grandson. The video of the cute scene that is going viral on the net is shown above!

Brody’s mother filmed the touching dance scene

“That was the first time we had really been able to spend time with her since the pandemic started because it’s finally safe now,” explains Brody’s mother Angela, who filmed the heartwarming dance scene. Actually, the six-year-old had online physical education classes at that moment – but great-grandma Julia could no longer keep herself dancing and got on with the dance.

The video has already been viewed online more than 400,000 times. “It makes me so happy that (the video) brings as much joy to others as we do,” said Angela Groch. “I know how special that moment was.”


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