10 inmates of the Balashikha orphanage joined the ranks of the “Youth Army” – Society

RIAMO (BALASHIHA) – 31 Mar. 10 children from the Balashikha Fidget orphanage were dedicated to the ranks of the All-Russian children’s and youth military-patriotic public movement Yunarmiya, the ceremony took place in the Air Defense Forces Museum in the Zarya microdistrict, RIAMO in Balashikha reports.

The solemn ceremony was opened by Veronika Busygina, Chief of Staff of the Balashikha branch of the Yunarmia VVPOD. The guests of honor of the event were the deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Taras Efimov, the deputy of the City Council Svetlana Tananova, the rector of the church of St. Savva Storozhevsky, priest Pyotr Tyukhalkin, and veterans.

“Today our first 10 pupils joined the ranks of the Yunarmiya, took the oath and received certificates. It took us a long time to create a detachment of youth soldiers in the orphanage, because the most important thing for children is spiritual, moral and patriotic education. In this we were assisted by the Balashikha administration, the district education department, the deputy corps, the Balashikha Public Chamber, veterans, ”said the director of the institution Natalya Kuryshova.

Veteran of the Russian Armed Forces Vasily Georgiadi congratulated the children on a significant event in their life, wishing to be the first in everything, to be friends and help each other, to remember and know the history of their Motherland.

Taras Efimov also wished the guys good luck and implementation of all the tasks.

“Today veterans spoke to the children, telling about their glorious combat path. It is very important that today’s generation also understands that tomorrow’s tasks of preserving independence, protecting our Motherland are already on them, and we need to prepare for this, ”Efimov said.

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On behalf of the chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Igor Bryntsalov, together with Svetlana Tananova, he presented gifts to the children.

Priest Pyotr Tyukhalkin, speaking before the youth army, noted that the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Fedor Ushakov, Pavel Nakhimov passed on the tradition of the foundations of faith and service to the Fatherland.

As a sign of this, he sprinkled holy water on the Yunarmeys.

The Balashikha branch of the Yunarmiya employs about 1.5 thousand people and is one of the leaders in the region.


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