Член совета американского города назвал свою коллегу «домашним ниггером»: Политика: Мир: Lenta.ru

Член совета американского города Таррант (штат Алабама) Томми Брайант назвал свою коллегу «домашним ниггером» (house nigger), а после отказался извиняться. About it informs WTRF News.

The incident was recorded by video broadcast from the meeting hall of the city council. “Word on n. Let’s move on to the word n. Hello. We got home niggas here? And we? Hello. Could she get up? ” – said Bryant, getting up from his seat and pointing at his black colleague Veronica Freeman. After these words, Freeman burst into tears and left the meeting, and Bryant refused to apologize.

When reporters asked if he was racist, the council member replied that he did not consider himself to be such. “Many people consider me a racist. But according to what is the true definition of a racist, absolutely not, ”Bryant said.

Because of the incident, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Populations demanded the resignation of the politician. The organization said in a statement that he “disgraced himself and tarnished his position.” But Bryant announced that he not only refuses to leave the council and apologize, but will also run for mayor of Tarrant.

The term “domestic nigga” is especially offensive in the United States, as it refers to a black slave who personally serves his master instead of working in the field.

Previously, more than 400 radio stations in the United States were forbidden to turn all the songs of the American Country Musicant Morgan Wallen because he used the word “nigga” in communicating with the friend. The musician apologized and promised to improve.

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